Hello, my name is Elizabeth.  I grew up on a family farm close to extended family and friends.  Growing up my favorite activities were walking in the woods, riding bikes, playing in the garden dirt (mud was the most fun), swimming wherever we could and running all over the place.  We went to church every Sunday morning and then spent several Sunday afternoons preparing a big Sunday dinner.

Real food and movement have always been a big part of my life.  

In school, my favorite subjects were writing, history, and science.  I particularly liked health sciences, and upon entering college I considered becoming a doctor.  However I changed my career path to focus on nutrition.  I've always believed that food is foundational to health, and wanted to learn more about the healing and restorative power of food.    

After earning a 4 year degree in Dietetics, I spend another year of study so to become a Registered Dietitian.  To top of this wellness centered career path, I also went on to earn a graduate degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion!  Kinesiology is a fancy word meaning the ‘study of movement, or exercise.’    

I purposely set my education, dietetics first and exercise second, so that I could become the best for those I would be serving.  

In my professional life, I've always collaborated with healthcare professionals to provide holistic nutrition care.  My favorite part of my job : the people I serve!  I enjoy seeing transformation by connecting my patients with food and health!  

I started this blog and creating recipes as an outpour of my love for my patients, food and movement!  

I would love the opportunity to connect you to food and to health.  Let me help you BELIEVE the impossible is POSSIBLE!  

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Let me help you find freedom from bad habits and poor health!


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