Working as a Dietitian Nutritionist I hear food stories all day long.  In 2015, I started to piece together that every person is unique.  We are so unique that even though a group of people share the same illness (ie. Diabetes, Irritable Bowel, etc) the way in which food is digested and used is very distinctive for each person.  

In the Fall of 2016, I did a self structured elimination diet with hopes that I could find a way to personalized nutrition.  Yes, I was my own guinea pig!  I learned a lot but when it came to translating the steps and having supportive resources for my patients, I was sinking!  I knew I needed support as a clinician.  

I began to search, and then I found it!  Whole30!  

My first Whole30 was in May 2017 and WOW!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Whole30 for me was like the massage therapist who finally got a massage!  

I'm so glad I committed to Whole30 & I'm honored to be a Certified Whole30 Coach!

Join me for April Whole30 *Endurance Athlete Edition*  

45 days of COACHING 

5 days prep + 30 days reset + 10 days reintroduction

DATES : April 14 - May 28

Day 1 Whole30 is Monday, April 19th!  

My Whole30 Group Coaching includes...  

+ quick meal prep to give you more time for training

+ how real food boosts your ability to train & race

+ how to fuel during training & racing 

+ how to conquer those endurance training cravings

+ how to overcome endurance training weight gain

+ weekly videos from the expert & daily access to the expert 

Also included...

4, 20-minute 1:1 calls with Elizabeth so that we can work together to personalize your goals & results.  

COST : $150

COST : $121 for returning clients

"I've tried counting calories, tracking macros, intermittent fasting...and never saw results like this natural way of taking care of your body.  It's not a diet...it's nutrition...Elizabeth will walk you through...it will change your nutrition forever."  Jennifer, Client Testimonial

"I found it!  I've found that 'fountain of youth' of sorts that I've been searching for [all this time].  When it comes to nutrition, weight loss, health, stress-management, better sleep, for me...it's Elizabeth Ray...!"   - Cassie, Client Testimonial

*If you are ready to start before April 2021, let's get started!  We can work 1:1 with more support & personalized attention!   

COST : $400

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