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Blog & Recipe : A Few of My Favorite Things…Fall, Food & Farmers’ Market

Updated: Feb 3

By: Elizabeth Ray MS RDN LD

Fall is officially here! I think it’s safe to say it’s a favorite season that it marked with great weather, beautiful color, and a hint of holiday spirit! My favorite mark of the season are the FLAVORS! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving pumpkin spice as much as everyone else, but I deeply enjoy the in-season fresh produce!

For instance, I knew that fall was getting close a few weeks ago when making a stop at the Farmers’ Market. I picked up rainbow chard from Modern Heritage Farm, dinosaur kale from Solway Farms, and scored big with a spaghetti squash from Fallen Maple Farms! These finds at the Farmers’ Market also lead to a trip to Bennet’s Orchard for apples and Hinton’s for pumpkins!

A few weeks ago it felt like summer, but the vegetables and fruits that were available created anticipation for the Fall! And here we are, just in time for me to create a new recipe for you! This recipe is inspired by ‘all my favorite things’ from the farmers market. Last year I wrote how I love kale and if there are leftovers I hide them in the back of refrigerator. Nothing has really changed with me and kale, however I must admit I’m also in love with sweet potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are considered one the world’s healthiest vegetables, and they can boast about these amazing real nutrient “super powers”…

  1. rich in vitamin A, which keeps our immune system strong and ready to fight off infectious invaders

  2. plentiful in choline, which reduces cellular inflammation and keeps our nervous systems in tip top shape

  3. abundant in magnesium, which can reduce feelings of sadness and can keep us ‘regular’ in the bathroom

I’ve only listed 3 “super powers” but trust me, sweet potatoes have a long list of “kung-pows” for a healthy body. In addition to the benefits of sweet potatoes, choosing to eat local, or from the Farmers’ Market can also add a powerful punch to benefit your health. The Farmers’ Market is obviously one of my favorite things, but I’ll save my reasons for eating local until next month’s article.

In the meantime, I am giving you two recipes! These recipes were prepared with foods straight from the Farmers’ Market. The only exception is the bacon. I have eaten up all my bacon purchased from S&B Bell Farms, so alas, I purchased humanely-raised bacon from the grocery. Nonetheless, I give you 2 recipes made with some of my favorite in-season foods, grown from some of my favorite people, and picked up from one of my favorite places!

RECIPE 1 : Farmers’ Market Cobb Salad

Lettuce Mix from Solway Farms

Arugula, Tomatoes & Red Onions from Modern Heritage Farm

Microgreens & Eggs from S&B Bell Farms

RECIPE 2 : Shoestring Sweet Potatoes can be found at :


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